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The Solution Center

The Solution Center gives you the tools and information you need to register, pay your bill, or apply for financial aid allowing you to stay focused on being a student.


  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) Application: The new 2023-2024 FAFSA application will be available for completion after October 1. Students should complete the application by the university's March 1 priority deadline.
  • Transcript/Diploma Ordering: Order an electronic or paper transcript, electronic diploma (2020 graduates and beyond) or a paper diploma (request form for previous alumni).
  • One-Time Federal Student Loan Debt Relief Program: The U.S. Department of Education (ED) will provide up to $20,000 in debt relief to Federal Pell Grant recipients and up to $10,000 in debt relief to non-Pell Grant recipients. Borrowers with loans held by ED are eligible for this relief if their individual income is less than $125,000 (or $250,000 for households). The Federal Student Loan Debt Relief Application is available now online. Once the application is submitted, the government's Federal Student Aid (FSA) department will process the claim, determine eligibility, and work with your federal loan servicer to process the relief. Please be advised the eligibility determination and application is administered by the U.S. Department of Education. The university does not have access to verify a student’s eligibility status or application status. Please visit the Federal Student Aid website for more information.
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Smart Money

College is one of the biggest investments you’ll make. Here are some resources to help make it more affordable. Fund your journey