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Student Employment

Our Student Employment Office (SEO) manages the university's student employment programs. Our goal is to make on-campus employment opportunities fair and accessible to all qualified students. Money earned in the work programs is to be used for educational expenses - tuition, fees, room and board, books, supplies, and necessary travel expenses. 

Last year, our SEO helped approximately 2,000 participants find employment. Students can choose from a multitude of diverse job opportunities, all offering comfortable work environments, flexibility in scheduling, and a competitive pay rate. Whether building on existing skills or developing new skill sets, students can enhance their resumes while earning money to defray their educational costs, all while working with our university's nationally recognized faculty and staff. The SEO also acts as a resource for off-campus opportunities (employers that are not affiliated with the university).

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Important Updates

Required Employment Paperwork (posted August 22, 2021)

All new employees are required to fill out a New Hire packet and Federal I-9 form.

Section 2 of the I-9 form can be completed virtually or in person. If you plan to present your documents in person at the Student Employment Office, you will need to make an appointment. Make an appointment with Student Employment.

Off Campus Employment Opportunities

The Student Employment Office is continuing to review and add new Off-Campus employment opportunities on JobHawk. Ensure to monitor these opportunities that are continuously being added to JobHawk. While these are ideas for employment opportunities to apply for, there is also the option to contact local businesses and restaurants in your community.

  • Contact local restaurants, both chain and family owned to inquire if employment is currently available.
  • To further research available opportunities, below are online resources to assist in finding additional employment opportunities: