Graduate Students

Estimated Annual Tuition* and Fees* ($U.S.) for the 2021-2022 Academic Year

Tuition* & Fees*Room & Board**Total Tuition, Fee, Room & Board
Graduate In-State$15,210 $13,570$28,780
Graduate Out-of-State$26,990$13,570$40,560
Graduate New England Regional$23,021$13,570$36,591
Graduate International***$29,891$13,570$43,461

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* All prices are estimates and subject to change by vote of the UMass Board of Trustees. 

The estimated graduate charges are based on a full-time status of 9 credits per semester. UMass Lowell charges on a per-credit-hour basis up to 12 credits. 

** The price reflects Residence Hall Rate 1 and an Unlimited Meal Plan.

*** International price includes the International Fee and the Health Insurance Fee.

Additional fees may apply, depending upon your individual status or the number of courses you enroll in.

Per-Credit Estimated Graduate Tuition and Fees Charts