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Education Minor

Education Minor

If you are interested in teaching or are in educational related fields, the minor in Education, can enhance your current career development. It offers you an opportunity to explore the field of education through interactive and inquiry based activities that connect theory and practice and enriches your understanding of current schooling, community, and non-formal educational contexts. The minor would be useful to any student interested in working within diverse educational settings, teaching internationally, will be in counseling and other student-support roles in schools, interested in public discussions about schools and education more broadly, work in after school programs and community outreach, sociology, world languages, philosophy, political science, the arts, etc.  Although completion of minor coursework does not meet the qualifications for a teaching license, it does provide a solid foundation in education that will be useful in a variety of careers. 

Any student in good academic standing who is pursuing an undergraduate degree at UML can earn this minor. Students in any major may declare the minor in their sophomore year or beyond, but if you are intending to continue into the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Initial Teacher License Option, you must discuss suitable majors for teaching with the graduate coordinator in the College of Education. 


  • The minor consists of 18 credits of coursework.
  • Students will be required to complete a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) background check in order to visit or work in PK-12 classrooms.
  • Freshmen are not eligible to declare the minor, although they may enroll in minor.

Required Courses(18 cr.)

Choose from the following:

1Prerequisite PSYC.1010 or SOCI.1010
2Fulfills River Hawk Distinction Experience 

Other Relevant Courses

A maximum of six credits from the following courses may be used toward an Education minor with advisor approval: 

Graduate courses may be used in the minor. If you intend to teach, graduate level education courses may be taken to replace undergraduate courses in the minor. This may only occur during the final year of your undergraduate degree. Students should either seek admission to the M.Ed. Fast Track to Teaching program, or have permission of the graduate coordinator, Patricia Fontaine, as well as gaining the approval of their academic advisor.

For additional information, please contact minor coordinator, Eleanor Abrams.