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Sociology Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Sociology, through excellence in teaching, research, and service, seeks to contribute to a rigorous, scientific understanding of society that will serve as a powerful resource for strengthening citizenship and communities. We are dedicated to providing an environment in which students gain the skills to think critically and to contribute to social justice and community building through their academic and professional work.


The Department of Sociology engages all students in a process of learning the tools of critical social analysis, and the bachelor’s degree in Sociology is outstanding preparation for a wide range of careers, including policy, government, human services, social work, law and teaching.

Students across many disciplines take introductory sociology courses as part of their course of study, and we also have a Sociology minor, as well as a robust concentration within the Bachelor of Liberal Arts program. In addition, Sociology faculty are involved in many interdisciplinary undergraduate programs at UMass Lowell, including Gender Studies, Labor Studies, Disability Studies, Environment & Society and Peace & Conflict Studies. At the graduate level, the Sociology Department contributes to a number of interdisciplinary efforts, and is central to the Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program.

For additional information, visit the Department of Sociology website.