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Art & Design

Art & Design Department

Mission Statement

Focused on the needs of twenty-first century artists and designers, the Art & Design Department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell offers a unique and innovative four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts program in Art with concentrations in Studio Art, Graphic Design, and Animation & Interactive Media.


The Art & Design Department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell welcomes high school and transfer students of emerging and/or promising artistic talent into a rigorous, career-driven, four-year BFA program. A group of talented and dedicated art professors—practicing professional artists, art historians, and art critics—are committed to inspiring and training artists and designers for the exciting, ever-growing and challenging contemporary art and design fields. From Foundations to Advanced Studies, students reach their highest potential as visual artists taking courses that integrate traditional art forms with new technologies. Creative and critical thinking, problem solving and risk taking, and a growing technical proficiency are all part of the curriculum.

Students can also take advantage of the interdisciplinary resources of a large and highly-esteemed research university, as well as engage with local, national, and international communities through courses, internships, collaborations, workshops, and study abroad programs.

For additional information, visit the Department of Art & Design website.