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Economics Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Economics at the University of Massachusetts Lowell aims to generate innovations in knowledge through the rigorous work of its research faculty, to disseminate this knowledge, and to create synergies between high-quality academic research, teaching activities and community engagement. In doing so, we are committed to the highest quality of teaching excellence and student support. We provide students with the skills necessary to make sense of everyday real-world events, as well as the technical abilities needed to be successful in a wide range of demanding career paths and also in graduate studies in a broad set of fields. Moreover, we seek to foster an environment with diverse backgrounds and perspectives as well as the inclusion of traditionally underrepresented groups in the discipline of Economics, all of which we believe are critical in generating a vibrant academic community.


The Economics Department provides students with the conceptual and analytical tools needed to make efficient choices in a world of finite resources and infinite wants. Students learn the principles of economics in our introductory courses.  In our upper division courses, students apply those principles to decision making problems faced by families, firms, and government agencies in a global market-based economy.  All of our courses emphasize the development of critical thinking skills necessary to be “world ready” and “work ready.”

The Economics Department offers Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Economics and a minor area of studies.

For additional information, visit the Department of Economics website.