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Learning Outcomes for Education

Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete the BA Ed. degree will have fulfilled the Massachusetts Subject Matter Knowledge and Pedagogical Content Knowledge standards as well as the Professional Standards for Teaching. As a result of completing the degree, teacher candidates will have achieved the following pedagogical learning outcomes listed below.

The ability to: 

  • Draw on appropriate content knowledge and student data to plan curricula that provide high quality instruction for all students.
  • Assess student learning and provide feedback to improve performance and inform instruction.
  • Choose appropriate strategies for teaching all learners, including students who are English learners and students with moderate disabilities
  • Create a learning environment which is fair, equitable and conducive to learning for students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Manage classroom materials and student behaviors effectively.
  • Reflect on one’s own practice to enhance the classroom experience and learning of students.
  • Collaborate with families, to create and implement strategies for supporting student learning and development both at home and at school.

Additionally, through liberal arts and sciences course work, students will:

  • Demonstrate their ability to examine and evaluate credibility of sources, and synthesize information effectively and persuasively.
  • Express their ideas in writing and orally with clarity.
  • Interpret numerical information accurately and use it to inform decisions.
  • Apply their content knowledge accurately in classroom settings.

Important information specific to teaching:

In order to demonstrate their learning and be eligible for teaching licenses in Massachusetts, students will be required to pass the appropriate MTELs (Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure). All MTEL examinations must be passed in order to receive licenses in Elementary Education (grades 1-6) and Moderate Disabilities (grades PK-8).
  • Communications and Literacy (composed of Reading and Writing sub-tests) 
  • General Curriculum (composed of Multi-Subject and Math sub-Tests) 
  • Foundations of Reading