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School of Education

School of Education

Mission Statement

We prepare the next generation of educators, researchers, evaluators, and policymakers to be leaders of change who are ready to meet current and future, local, national, and global challenges. We do this through innovative teaching that inspires curiosity and critical thinking, service that promotes the the diverse communities with whom we partner, and impactful research that strives to make inclusive academic excellence possible across a wide range of educational contexts. In doing so, we move closer to our vision of a better and more just democratic society.


The School of Education offers programs at the baccalaureate (BA.Ed.), post-baccalaureate (M.Ed. and Ed.S.) and doctoral levels (Ph.D. and Ed.D.) Students can seek an initial teaching license at both the initial (elementary and secondary) and advanced (reading and school principal) levels. Licensure programs at the graduate level include middle/secondary English, history, mathematics, and science (biology, physics, and chemistry). Licensure programs at the undergraduate level include a STEM undergraduate teaching minor which is available to students who are majoring in biology, chemistry, math, physics, environmental science, and the undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts in Education with licensure concentrations in elementary (1-6) and moderate disabilities (PK-8). All licensure programs are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE). Students can also seek doctoral degrees through the fully online Ed.D. Leadership in Schooling or Ed.D. Leadership in Schooling with STEM Education option and the Ph.D. Leadership in Education or Research and Evaluation in Education programs.

For more information visit the School of Education website.