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Philosophy Department

Mission Statement

The Philosophy Department at UMass Lowell provides a broad and diverse range of courses in philosophy and religion. The curriculum permits students to pursue their interests in one or more of the major areas of philosophy, including ethics and politics, aesthetics (the study of art and beauty), and epistemology and metaphysics (the study of our knowledge of reality).

The discipline of philosophy plays an integrative role within the university, counteracting the fragmentation of knowledge into distinct disciplines through an interdisciplinary approach and a concentration on the most fundamental questions in each area of knowledge.

Philosophy majors are prepared to enter a variety of careers, including law, business, politics, or the arts. Students who choose philosophy as a major are encouraged to take on a second major or a minor in a related field, such as History, English, Economics, Psychology, or Political Science. For those students seeking an interdisciplinary option in philosophy with a focus on pursuing professional options such as publishing, public relations, marketing, or social services, we offer a concentration in Communications and Critical Thinking.


The study of philosophy aims to sharpen critical thinking skills, develop written and oral communication, and produce an ability to think reflectively on one’s values. The major aims to provide a broad grounding in the humanities, including the study of both Western and Eastern traditions, preparing the student for citizenship in a 21st century democracy.

The Philosophy Department offers three distinct concentrations for students with different goals and interests:

  • General
  • Communications and Critical Thinking
  • Philosophy and Religious Studies

In addition, the Philosophy Department offers a minor in Philosophy.

For additional information, visit the Department of Philosophy website.