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Degree Pathway for the Bachelor of Science in Engineering in Electrical Engineering with an additional major in Computer Science, Fall 2017 to Spring 2023.

Suggested Degree Pathway for Electrical Engineering with additional major in Computer Science

For students who entered fall 2017 to spring 2023.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
EECE.1070Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering2
MATH.1310Calculus I (MATH)14
COMP.1010Computing I3
COMP.1030LComputing I Lab1
ENGL.1010College Writing I (CW)3
ECON.2010 /
Principles of Microeconomics /
Principles of Macroeconomics (SS)

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
COMP.1020Computing II3
COMP.1040LComputing II Lab1
MATH.1320Calculus II24
CHEM.1210Chemistry I (SCL)3
CHEM.1230LChemistry I Lab (SCL)1
ENGL.1020College Writing II (CW)3
xxxx.xxxxArts and Hum. Persp. (AH)33

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
EECE.2010Circuit Theory I3
EECE.2070Basic Electrical Engineering Lab I2
COMP.2010Computing III3
COMP.2010LComputing III Lab1
MATH.2310Calculus III4
PHYS.1410Physics I (SCL)3
PHYS.1410LPhysics I Lab (SCL)1

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
EECE.2020Circuit Theory II3
EECE.2080Basic Electrical Engineering Lab II2
EECE.2650Logic Design3
MATH.2340Differential Equations3
MATH.3600Math Structures for Computer Engineers3
PHYS.1440Physics II3
PHYS.1440LPhysics II Lab1

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
EECE.3110Electronics I Lab (CTPS)2
EECE.3170 /
Microprocessors I / Assembly Language Programming3
EECE.3620Signals & Systems I3
EECE.3650Electronics I (QL)3
COMP.2040Computing IV3
xxxx.xxxxArts and Hum. Persp. (AH)33

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
EECE.3120Electronics II Lab2
EECE.3630 /
Intro Prob. & Random Proc. / Stats for Sci & Eng.3
EECE.3640Engineering Mathematics3
EECE.3660Electronics II3
COMP.3040Foundations of Computer Science3
COMP.3050Computer Architecture3

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
EECE.3600Engineering Electromagnetics I3
EECE.3991Capstone Proposal (IL), (WOC)3
COMP.3080Operating Systems3
COMP.xxxxCS Project Sequence I3
PHIL.3340Engineering Ethics (AH), (SRE)3
xxxx.xxxxSocial Sciences Persp. (SS)33

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
EECE.4130 /
Linear Feedback / Electromagnetics II3
EECE.4991Capstone Project (AIL)3
COMP.3010Organization of Programming Languages3
COMP.4040Analysis of Algorithms3
COMP.xxxxCS Project Sequence II3
xxxx.xxxxSocial Sciences Persp. (SS)33

Total Minimum Credits = 139

1Or MATH.1280 Calculus 1A and MATH.1290 Calculus 1B, followed by MATH.1320 Calculus II.

2A grade of C or better in Calculus II is required.

3Electrical Engineering & Computer Science students meet the Core Curriculum Essential Learning Outcome of Diversity and Cultural Awareness (DCA) outside of the major. See the DCA course listing for a complete list of options.

No more than two Breadth of Knowledge courses can be taken with the same prefix. The Core Curriculum courses may be taken in any sequence. Refer to the Core Curriculum policy for further details. You should meet with your faculty advisor to determine how you will meet the Core Curriculum requirements.

Current UMass Lowell students should use their Advisement Report in SIS. If you need assistance, please contact your advisor.

Restriction on off-campus study:

Be advised that any course taken at another institution must be formally approved prior to enrollment. See the catalog policy for details.