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EECE.2650 Logic Design (Formerly 16.265)

Id: 003172 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


Number systems and binary codes. Boolean algebra. Canonical and fundamental forms of Boolean functions. Function expansion and its applications to digital circuit design. Minimization of Boolean functions by Boolean algebra and Karnaugh maps. Two-level and multi-level digital circuits. Decoder, encoders, multiplexers, and de-multiplexers. Latches and flip-flops. Registers and counters. Analysis and synthesis of synchronous sequential circuits. Design of more complex circuits: data-path and control circuits. Use of software tools to implement a design on modern hardware.


MECH.1070 intro to Mechanical Eng, or COMP.1020 Computing II, or EECE.1070 Intro to Elec. & Comp. Engin, or EECE.2160 ECE Application Programming.

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