Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Electrical and computer engineering are dynamic fields, advancing as a result of breakthroughs in technology as well in the pure sciences. Because engineering disciplines continuously incorporate new concepts and developments, a viable engineering education cannot be limited to the acquisition of specific skills and methods, but also must provide the student with a deep understanding of both the current and the emerging engineering fields.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department is well placed to help fulfill the campus’ role within the UMASS system. The faculty embrace the mission of serving a technologically oriented department, closely linked to regional and national industry.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department strives to be a department of choice for students and is actively repositioning itself. We have responded to our ties to industry by offering focused programs both at the undergraduate and graduate levels in order to provide a thinking and technically literate engineer of immediate value to the community. Our graduates are knowledgeable and practical problem solvers, most of whom remain to work in the State.

In several areas like atmospheric research, electromagnetic scattering, properties of materials, acoustics, signal processing and imaging, the Department is nationally and internationally recognized for its research. The Department has successfully developed a program of project-based R&D specifically designed to provide support to the disabled. Many different electronic and microprocessor based systems have been delivered that have made a major impact on the freedom and quality of life for the disabled. The Department continues to make extensive use of the excellent computing facilities offered by the Center for Computer Man/Machine  Intelligence, Networking and Distributed Systems, the  Department, the college, the University computer centers, the Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunications. New directions in the Department include an increased emphasis on teaching and research in computer engineering.

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