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Electrical & Computer Engineering Majors


The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering offers two B.S.E. degrees—one in Electrical Engineering, one in Computer Engineering—both of which are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET ( Additionally, the department offers opportunities for Electrical Engineering with additional major in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with additional major in Physics. Qualified students who wish to continue their studies after completing their undergraduate degree have the option of applying to the accelerated B.S.E./M.S.E. program.

Electrical Engineering Major

The traditional Electrical Engineering track is the B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering, providing a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of electrical engineering that would allow a graduate to function effectively in industry or continue on to graduate school.

Computer Engineering Major

The Computer Engineering program integrates key principles of electrical engineering and computer science, providing graduates with the necessary skills to design hardware- and software-based solutions to computing problems.

Electrical Engineering with Additional Major in Computer Science

The Electrical Engineering with additional major in Computer Science is an intensive program in which students study both fields in depth. The Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science Departments have developed a curriculum that satisfies the key requirements of both majors without the credit load required to complete two separate degrees.

Electrical Engineering with Additional Major in Physics

The Electrical Engineering with additional major in Physics targets students interested in exploring the intersection between these two fields. As with the Electrical Engineering/Computer Science degree, students learn the fundamentals of both fields while completing a single degree.


To encourage outstanding undergraduate students to continue study toward a Master’s Degree, the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department offers an accelerated program. To complete the work for both degrees within five years, the student must make a commitment to the BSE/MSE program before the end of their senior year and they must take two 5000-level graduate courses as their technical electives. For more information on the bachelor's to master's program, see the graduate catalog.

For additional information about programs, contact the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering.