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Faculty Honors Committee Awards

Faculty honors committee awards

As a part of Pillar I of the 2020 Strategic Plan, the Faculty Honors Committee strives to recognize our faculty in their teaching, mentorship and service excellence.

Award categories will be available for application biannually (see below). Please click on individual awards below to access all guidelines including the description, eligibility, application requirements and submission instructions for each award.

Note: A faculty member may only apply for a single award per year.

Even Years (currently accepting applications for awards in spring 2020)

  1. Award for Excellence in Faculty Advising
  2. Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching
  3. Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
  4. Award for Faculty Mentoring Faculty
Odd Years (will be awarded in spring 2021)
  1. Award for Excellence in Innovative Teaching
  2. Award for Faculty Mentoring Graduate Students
  3. Award for Faculty Mentoring Undergraduate Students
  4. Award for Outstanding Campus Engagement

2019 Award Recipients