Timm Kainen is a Professor of Management at UMass Lowell.

Timm L Kainen

Professor, Director of Faculty Development

Manning School of Business
(978) 934-2766

Research Interests

Organization Design, Negotiation and Change Management, Middle Management Performance Effectiveness

Currently researching the potential applications of complex outside sales techniques to the management of change inside organizations. His most recent work on this topic includes a series of three articles on ñNegotiation, Power and Middle Managers," and a case study on ñManaging Change in Project Teams." He has published in the Human Resource Planning Journal, Financial Executive, the Training & Development Journal, The Journal of Business & Economic Studies and in the conference proceedings of many professional associations. He has also written a number of book chapters, case studies for classroom use, and a variety of technical reports for corporations.


  • BA: History and Economics, Eastern Connecticut State University
  • MA: Organizational Behavior, University of Hartford, Joint Program in Social Science and Barney School of Business
  • Other: Leadership, Officer Candidate School, United States Navy
  • Ph D: Organizational Behavior, University of Massachusetts/Amherst, School of Social and Behavioral Science


Dr. Kainen has also taught at Northeastern University and Babson College.  Before entering the academic profession he held positions in manufacturing and project management at General Dynamics Corporation; and marketing and sales at Plasticrete Corporation. He also served as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy. During the last twenty years Dr. Kainen has completed consulting engagements with more than thirty domestic and international corporations and organizations. He has most recently worked with a major pharmaceutical company designing changes in its project control systems; and with a European manufacturing firm training middle managers in the effective coordination of internal changes associated with a recent merger.

Selected Publications

  • Boyd, D.P., Halfond, J.A., Johnson, P.C., Kainen, T.L. (2013). A Family Affair: A Case of Altruism or Aggrandizement? Journal of Business Ethics, 1-5.
  • Kainen, T.L. (2011). Gemini Systems: Managing From The Middle In A High-Tech Company. Journal of Business Case Studies (JBCS), 6(3).
  • Kainen, T.L., Webber, S.S., Boyd, D.P. (2011). Morton Electronics: The Collapse Of High-Performance, Self-Managed Work Teams. Journal of Business Case Studies (JBCS), 4(1) 79-86.
  • Kainen, T.L., Boyd, D.P. (2011). Who Succeeds In The Murky Middle? Journal of Applied Business Research (JABR), 23(4).
  • Kainen, T.L. (2003). Selling change inside organizations: Value based techniques (IX: pp. 371-377). University Press of America; Oxford University Centre for the Study of Values in Education and Business
  • Kainen, T.L. (2003). Value Based Techniques. Business Education and Training: A Value-Laden Process, 9.
  • Begley, T.M., Kainen, T.L., Maggard, M.J. (1983). The Impact of Alternative Staffing Configurations on Work Unit Performance in the Service Sector. Human Resource Planning, 6(4) 219.
  • Kainen, T.L., Begley, T.M., Maggard, M.J. (1983). On-the-job training and work unit performance. Training & Development Journal.
  • Welch, J.B., Kainen, T.L. (1983). Risk-Adjusted Multiple Hurdle Rates: Better Capital Budgeting. Financial Executive, 51 32-38.
  • Kainen, T.L., Begley, T.M., Maggard, M.J. (1982). Human Resource Planning in the Service Sector: Using Unit Productivity Standards to Forecast Demand.

Selected Presentations

  • When Middle-Level Engineers Have to Manage: What Do They Really Worry About? - Institute of Behavior and Applied Management, October 2009 - Washington, DC