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Jason Rydberg

Associate Professor

College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School of Criminology and Justice Studies
(978) 934-4173
Health and Social Sciences Building - 495


Prisoner Reentry, Sex Offenders and Offenses, Community Supervision, Program Evaluation

Research Interests

Prisoner Reentry; Sex Offender Policy; Program Evaluation; Quantitative Methods.

Selected Publications

  • Thompson, L., Rydberg, J., Cassidy, M., Socia, K. (2019). Contextual influences on the sentencing of individuals convicted of sexual crimes. Sexual Abuse, 1079063219852936.
  • Socia, K., Dum, C.P., Rydberg, J. (2019). Turning a blind eye: public support of emergency housing policies for sex offenders. Sexual Abuse, 31(1) 25--49.
  • Rydberg, J., Dum, C.P., Socia, K. (2018). Nobody gives a #%&!: a factorial survey examining the effect of criminological evidence on opposition to sex offender residence restrictions. Journal of Experimental Criminology, 14(4) 541-550.
  • Rydberg, J., Cassidy, M., Socia, K. (2018). Punishing the wicked: examining the correlates of sentence severity for convicted sex offenders. Journal of quantitative criminology, 34(4) 943--970.
  • Dum, C.P., Socia, K., Rydberg, J. (2017). Public support for emergency shelter housing interventions concerning stigmatized populations: Results from a factorial survey. Criminology \& Public Policy, 16(3) 835--877.
  • Rydberg, J., Carkin, D.M. (2017). Utilizing Alternate Models for Analyzing Count Outcomes. Crime & Delinquency, 63(1) 61–76.
  • Rydberg, J., Grommon, E. (2016). A Multimethod Examination of the Dynamics of Recidivism During Reentry. Corrections: Policy, Practice and Research, 1(1) 40–60.
  • Rydberg, J. (2016). Albert Fish. ABC-CLIO
  • Ray, B., Grommon, E., Rydberg, J. (2016). Anticipated Stigma and Defensive Individualism During Postincarceration Job Searching. Sociological Inquiry, 86(3) 348–371.
  • Grommon, E., Rydberg, J. (2016). Correctional Interventions and Outcomes. Wiley
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  • Rydberg, J., Grommon, E., Huebner, B., Pleggenkuhle, B. (2016). Examining the Correlates of Sex Offender Residence Restriction Violation Rates. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 1–23.
  • Socia, K., Rydberg, J. (2016). Sex Offender Legislation and Policy. Routledge
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  • Grommon, E., Rydberg, J. (2014). Managing the Reentry Transition with Substance Use Propensities: Insights from a Sample of Parolees in a Small, Industrialized Midwestern City. Jones & Bartlett Learning
  • Huebner, B.M., Kras, K., Rydberg, J., Bynum, T.S., Grommon, E., Pleggenkuhle, B. (2014). The Effect and Implications of Sex Offender Residence Restrictions. Criminology & Public Policy, 13(1) 139-168.
  • Rydberg, J., Pizarro, J.M. (2014). Victim Lifestyle as a Correlate of Homicide Clearance. Homicide Studies: An Interdisciplinary & International Journal, 18(4) 342-362.
  • Rydberg, J., Grommon, E., Huebner, B.M., Bynum, T. (2014). Effect of Statewide Residency Restrictions on Sex Offender Post-Release Housing Mobility. Justice Quarterly, 31(2) 421-444.
  • Dooley, B.D., Rydberg, J. (2014). Irreconcilable Differences? Examining Divergences in the Orientations of Criminology and Criminal Justice Scholarship, 1951–2008. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 25(1) 84-105.

Selected Presentations

  • Impact of a Pre-Arraignment Adult Diversion Alternatives Program (ADAP) on behavioral health outcomes - Academic and Health Policy on Conference on Correctional Health, March 2021 - Virtual Meeting
  • Evaluation of an adult diversion alternatives program - 22nd Annual Student Research and Community Engagement Symposium, May 2019 - Lowell, MA

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Impact of the First Pre-Arraignment Adult Diversion Alternatives Program (ADAP) in the Wake of the Opioid Epidemic (2018), Grant - University of Massachusetts Lowell, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Sustainability Engagement & Enrichment Development (S.E.E.D.) Fund
    Walter, A.W., Rydberg, J., Morocho, C.