image of Adam St Jean

Adam T. St. Jean, Ph.D.

Associate Teaching Professor; Associate Chair

Francis College of Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Falmouth, Room 302F


Cellular Engineering, Engineering Education


  • Ph D: Chemical Engineering, (2012), University of Massachusetts Amherst - Amherst, Mass.
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Engineering a bacterial toxin delivery system for the targeted treatment of solid tumors

  • Other: Cellular Engineering, (2011), University of Massachusetts Amherst - Amherst, Mass.

  • BS: Chemical Engineering, (2004), Northeastern University - Boston, Mass.
    Supporting Area: Biology, Music

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2023) - University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • Teaching Excellence Award (2020), Teaching - Biomedical Engineering Department
  • Outstanding Non-Tenure Track Instructor (2018), Teaching - College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of New Hampshire
  • Aflac Travel Award (2012) - American Association for Cancer Research
  • Scholar-in-Training Award (2012), Scholarship/Research - American Association for Cancer Research
  • Best Poster (2009) - NSF-IGERT PI Meeting

Selected Publications

  • Jobel J., St. Jean AT., Determining the Efficacy of K-12 and Higher Education Partnerships, Proceedings of the 2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Baltimore, MD.
  • Li Y., St. Jean AT., Ghezzi, C., Punnett, L., Work in Progress: Updating End of Semester Course Evaluations via Backwards Design to Reduce Student BiasProceedings of the 2022 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Minneapolis, MN. 2022
  • Li Y, St. Jean AT.,Facilitating Engaging Journal Clubs in Online Upper-level Undergraduate Courses. Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education. 2021; 22(1): ev22i1.2637.
  • St. Jean AT, Swofford CA, Panteli JT, Brentzel ZJ, Forbes NS. Bacterial Delivery of Staphylococcus aureus alpha-Hemolysin Causes Regression and Necrosis in Murine Tumors. Molecular Therapy. 2014; 22:1266-1274.
  • Swofford CA, St. Jean AT, Panteli JT, Brentzel ZJ, Forbes NS. Identification of Staphylococcus Aureus alpha-hemolysin as a Protein Drug that is Secreted by Anticancer Bacteria and Rapidly Kills Cancer Cells. Biotechnology & Bioengineering. 2014; 111:1233-1245.
  • St. Jean AT, Zhang M, Forbes NS. Bacterial therapies: completing the cancer treatment toolbox. Current Opinion in Biotechnology. 2008; 19:511-517.

Selected Presentations

  • Hamilton, A and St. Jean AT, “How to Provide Individuated Instruction and SURVIVE,” Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) Workshops, University of Massachusetts Lowell. August 3, 2023, platform
  • Hajduk E and St. Jean AT, “Practical Classroom management and tools for remote teaching,” Provost’s Excellence in Learning and Teaching Series, University of Massachusetts Lowell. July 9, 2020, platform
  • St. Jean AT, Li Y. Introducing Upper-level Students to Primary Literature: A comparative Assessment of Two Methods. Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting 2019. October 16 – 10, 2019, poster
  • St. Jean AT, Swofford, CA, Brentzel, ZJ, Forbes, NS. Engineered Salmonella Effectively Produce and Preferentially Deliver Bacterial Cytotoxins to Solid Tumors. American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2012, March 31 - April 4, 2012, award-winning poster presentation
  • St. Jean AT, Forbes NS. Engineering Salmonella Typhimurium for Controlled Therapeutic Delivery in Solid Tumors. 2009 American Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN. November 9-13, 2009, platform
  • St. Jean AT, Ganai S, Forbes NS. Bacterial Therapies in Cancer Research: Completing the Toolbox. NSF IGERT 2009 PI Meeting. Alexandria, VA. May 17-19, 2009, award-winning poster presentation
  • St. Jean AT, Ganai S, Forbes NS. Honing Bacterial Therapies for Cancer Research. Frontiers in Cellular Imaging, ICE Symposium, University of Massachusetts Amherst. Amherst, MA. May 11, 2009, poster
  • Luong HQ, St. Jean AT, Hall KT, Angelino MD. Process Development of an Immunoconjugate Compound- Challenges at the Interface. American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2006 Process Development Symposium. Palm Springs, CA. June 11-14, 2006, platform

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (2009), Fellowship - National Science Foundation
    St. Jean, A.