Rebecca Markovits

Rebecca Markovits, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Associate Teaching Professor

College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Coburn - 850 Broadway Street


Applied Behavior Analysis

Research Interests

Applied Behavior Analysis.

Past research has focused on the skill development in both individuals with autism as well as neuro-typical individuals. Studies have included evaluating prompt fading procedures during picture identification tasks as well as assessing the development of stimulus control in complex matching tasks using eye gaze as a measure of responding. Other research interests involve staff training and skill development and effective teaching methods in higher education.


Rebecca Markovits received her Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis from Simmons College in January 2014. While completing her doctoral work, Prof. Markovits worked as a behavior specialist then Assistant Clinical Director for a school for students with severe special needs and behavior disorders. Her work with these students, as well as the staff, have led to several areas of interest with regards to teaching including, principles of behavior, stimulus control, and the application of behavior analysis to complex issues (such as a dual diagnoses). Markovits is also interested in motivating students to become involved in experiential learning as well as applied research – hoping to combine experiential learning with research. She has been teaching at UMass Lowell since 2014.