Journalism & Professional Writing Minor

In this minor, students will learn how to write for an audience as a journalist or a writer in other professional contexts. The sequence requires an Introduction to Professional Writing course and subsequent coursework that focuses on learning different modes of professional writing. Students also have the option of pursuing a capstone project that involves writing in a professional setting, often as part of an internship. Ultimately, the goal of the minor is to prepare students for writing situations and challenges beyond the classroom.

A minor in Journalism & Professional Writing consists of 18-24 credits.

Required Courses

  • ENGL.2390 Introduction to Professional Writing1
  • Three writing electives at the 3000-4000 level2
  • Any two English courses

1Prerequisite for 3000-4000 level writing electives.
2Students are encouraged to participate in the English department’s internship program through the practicum course (ENGL.4960). 

Journalism & Professional Writing Electives (3000-4000 level)

  • ENGL.3000 Introduction to Journalism
  • ENGL.3050 Reviewing the Arts
  • ENGL.3060 Intermediate Professional Writing
  • ENGL.3200 Personal and Reflective Writing
  • ENGL.3210 Community Writing I
  • ENGL.3230 Writing About People
  • ENGL.3240 Writing About Place
  • ENGL.3280 Writing About Women
  • ENGL.3680 Feature Writing
  • ENGL.3690 Reading and Writing New Media
  • ENGL.3860 The Science of Editing
  • ENGL.3870 Introduction to Editing & Publishing
  • ENGL.3910 Writing on the Job
  • ENGL.3920 Visual Rhetoric
  • ENGL.4020 Topics in Writing
  • ENGL.4060 Community Writing II
  • ENGL.4080 Principles of Technical Writing
  • ENGL.4370 Newspaper Editing
  • ENGL.4900 Directed Study Writing
  • ENGL.4960 Practicum

Other Relevant Courses

  • ENGL.2220 Oral Communication
  • ENGL.2240 Business Writing
  • ENGL.2260 Technical and Scientific Communication
  • ENGL.3080 Analysis of Modern English
  • ENGL.3880 Seminar in Teaching Writing
  • ENGL.3770 Theories of Rhetoric and Composition
  • ENGL.4350 Literary Journalism

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