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Residence Life Guidelines

welcome to residence life

Dear River Hawk,

Welcome to the University of Massachusetts Lowell residential community. Each year offers the promise of new and exciting opportunities, and this year is no different. I encourage you to seek out the unique experiences and advantages that living on campus has to offer including building strong relationships with roommates, establishing life long friendships, interacting with residents from backgrounds different than your own, and connecting with Residence Life staff - get to know your Resident Advisor, Area Coordinator / Resident Director and other staff living in your hall. You will see a wide variety of programs hosted in your hall and on your floor – attend them. I guarantee you will learn something and your participation will help shape the culture and expectations of your residence hall.

As a member of the residential community you have the ability to take advantage of all of the opportunities listed above, but you also have the responsibility to establish and adhere to standards of behavior that allow you and other residents the unfettered opportunity to explore these experiences. You should read and be familiar with the Student Conduct Code. The Student Conduct Code outlines expectations for all students and can be found online by visiting the Office of Student Conduct. The Student Conduct Code along with the Office of Residence Life Guidelines outlined on our website have been created to promote an experience of campus life that is respectful, cooperative, accepting, and one that dignifies and supports each community member’s individuality and uniqueness.

Again, welcome to the UMass Lowell residential community. I look forward to working with you over the next year to establish an inclusive, healthy, and positive campus community. A great year lies ahead – let’s get started!


Joel McCarthy-Latimer
Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Residence Life