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The Guest & Visitation Policy is highlighted below; for full details, please refer to the ORL Guidelines (pdf).

  • When a resident has a guest, they assume full responsibility for the conduct and behavior of that guest even in the absence of the resident, and are subject to disciplinary action as a result of their guest's behavior.
  • A guest may only remain overnight in a room if she or he has the permission of all the assigned occupants of the room or suite, a Residence Life staff member, and have followed the appropriate sign-in procedures.
  • All non-university guests must present their valid picture identification at the desk, complete a guest pass (which you must carry at all times) and have their host escort them and take responsibility for their actions. Valid picture identification is limited to a drivers’ license, state identification card, military identification card or a passport.
  • Each resident can only sign-in two guests (including overnight). If the resident needs to have more people then they can ask their roommate to sign them in or ask a Residence Life staff member for permission.
  • Guests are not allowed to stay more than two (2) nights in any residence hall within a seven (7) day period.
  • A guest may be denied permission to remain overnight or be a guest in the future by a senior staff member or the Director of Residence Life. The guest shall be informed of the reasons when they are asked to leave.
  • Any person living in or visiting the residence halls without permission is considered a trespasser and is subject to arrest.