UMass Lowell is a Drug Free Campus

All students/employees at UMass Lowell are expected to abide by all federal, state and local laws, including those regulating the use, possession, sale, distribution, manufacture and cultivation of illicit drugs.

In addition, Congress has recently amended Title XII of the Higher Education Act of 1965 by adding a section pertaining to Drug Free Schools and Campuses. Under this new amendment, any institution receiving federal funds, including federal student loan programs, must have adopted and implemented guidelines to prevent the use of illegal drugs and alcohol by students and employees.

It is therefore, the university's responsibility to ensure that every student/employee be aware of the Policies and Sanctions pertaining to Violations of the residential Drug Policies.

Residential Drug Policy

Information about our Student Conduct Code which contains our Drug and Alcohol policies is located on The Office of Student Conducts Website.

Residential Alcohol Policy

For detailed information about our residential alcohol policies, please refer to our Residential Community Living Guidelines.

Residential Smoking Policy

UMass Lowell went tobacco-free campus wide beginning August 2014.