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Degree Pathway for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, STEM Teaching Option, Fall 2024 and Beyond

Suggested Degree Pathway for Chemistry - STEM Teaching Option

For students who entered fall 2024 and beyond.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ENGL.1010 /
College Writing I /
First Year Seminar in Honors: Text in the City (CW)
CHEM.1050Introduction to the Discipline of Chemistry1
CHEM.1210Chemistry I3
CHEM.1230LChemistry I Laboratory 1
MATH.1310Calculus I (MATH)4
UTCH.1030Exploring Teaching and Learning in STEM (SS)13

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ENGL.1020College Writing II (CW)3
CHEM.1220Chemistry II 3
CHEM.1240LChemistry II Laboratory1
MATH.1320Calculus II4
UTCH.3020Research Methods (SS)13
xxxx.xxxxArts and Humanities Perspective (AH)13

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
CHEM.2210Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM.2270LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory IA2
PHYS.1410Physics I (SCL)3
PHYS.1410LPhysics I Lab1
MATH.2310Calculus III4
UTCH.2040Perspectives on Mathematics and Science (AH)13

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
CHEM.2220Organic Chemistry IIA3
CHEM.2280LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory IIA2
CHEM.2600Information Retrieval (IL)2
PHYS.1440Physics II (SCL)3
PHYS.1440LPhysics II Lab1
UTCH.2010Knowing and Learning in Math and Science3
xxxx.xxxxArts and Humanities Perspective (AH)13

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
CHEM.3440Physical Chemistry I (QL)3
CHEM.3460LPhysical Chemistry Laboratory I (CTPS)2
CHEM.3xxxAnalytical/Forensic Elective w/Lab24-5
UTCH.2020Interactions and Equity3
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective43
xxxx.xxxx Free Elective4/5 0-3

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
CHEM.3600The Responsible Chemist (SRE), (WOC)3
CHEM.3xxxAnalytical/Forensic Elective w/Lab24-5
CHEM.xxxxChemistry Elective3
UTCH.3010Project-Based Instruction3
xxxx.xxxxSocial Sciences Perspective (SS)13

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
UTCH.4410Teaching Emergent Bilingual Students3
CHEM.xxxxChemistry Elective3
xxxx.xxxxSTEM Elective33-4
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective43
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective4/60-3

Spring Semester

Course NumberCourse NameCredits

Total Minimum Credits = 120.

1The Arts and Humanities (AH) and Social Sciences (SS) perspectives are subsets of the Breadth of Knowledge (BOK) requirements in the Core Curriculum. No more than two BOK courses can be taken with the same four-letter prefix.

The Core Curriculum also includes seven Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs). The Diversity and Cultural Awareness (DCA) ELO is satisfied outside the major requirements. See the DCA course listing for a full list of classes that fulfill these requirements. The Class Search tool can be used to identify AH and SS courses that simultaneously satisfy the DCA or SRE requirement.

The Core Curriculum courses may be taken in any sequence. Refer to the Core Curriculum policy for further details. You should meet with your college-based professional advisor and/or faculty advisor to determine how best to satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements.

2Analytical/Forensic Electives:

Chemistry majors in the STEM Teaching option must complete all four courses (I and II with labs) of either Analytical Chemistry or Forensic Science.

3STEM Elective - Any 2000-level or higher science, technology, engineering, or math course will satisfy this requirement. This prepares students for teaching assignments outside their primary field. A lower-level biology or additional physics course would be suitable, but the exact course should be chosen in consultation with your chemistry advisor.

4Free electives can be satisfied by any UML course xxxx.1010 or above, with the following exceptions:

  • No more than 60 credits of CHEM coursework may be applied towards the minimum 120 credits requirement to graduate.
  • Courses with the MATH prefix must be at or above the level of MATH.1225 Precalculus Mathematics I in order to count towards the minimum 120 credits required to graduate.

5Students who complete the Forensic Chemistry sequence should plan to take 6 credits of free electives in the fall semester of their junior year.

6Students only need to complete enough free electives credits to reach 120 total credits. Students who take the Analytical Chemistry sequence during the junior year will need to complete 2 fewer free elective credits.

7Student who complete all the required UTCH courses will satisfy the requirements for the UTeach minor.

Current UMass Lowell students should use their Advisement Report in SIS. If you need assistance, please contact your advisor.

Restriction on off-campus study:

Be advised that any course taken at another institution must be formally approved prior to enrollment. See the catalog policy for details.