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Kennedy College of Sciences Programs


The Kennedy College of Sciences offers undergraduate programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science with majors in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Meteorology and Atmospheric Science, and Physics. All departments in the college also offer graduate degrees (for further information see the graduate catalog).

The Bachelor of Science degree is designed to provide a specialized education in one or more of the basic sciences. Specialized Bachelor of Science curricula, which are offered in areas of science and mathematics, provide opportunities for major and minor program options but afford greater opportunities for major specialization than are permitted in comparable Bachelor of Arts curricula.

Minor areas of study are offered by all science departments. College majors may also wish to consider minors offered by the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts departments, and specialized course sequences of the Francis College of Engineering.

Below is a list of undergraduate majors and minors offered in the Kennedy College of Sciences.


  • Biology: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Bioinformatics Option
    • Biotechnology Option
    • Ecology,¬†Evolution and Organismal Biology Option
    • Pre-Medical/Pre-Health Option
  • Chemistry: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Biochemistry Option
    • Forensic Science Option
  • Computer Science: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Bio-Cheminformatics Option
    • Cybersecurity Option
    • Data Science Option
  • Engineering Physics: B.S.
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering Option
    • Mechanical Engineering Option
  • Environmental Science: B.S.
    • Environmental Science Option
    • Geoscience Option
  • Environmental Science: B.A.
    • Sustainability Option
  • Mathematics: B.A.
  • Mathematics: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Applied, Computational Mathematics Option
    • Bioinformatics Option
    • Business Applications Option
    • Computer Science Option
    • Probability and Statistics Option
    • Teaching Option
  • Meteorology and Atmospheric Science: B.S.
  • Physics: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Astronomy and Astrophysics Option
    • Radiological Health Physics Option