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Physics & Applied Physics

Physics & Applied Physics Department

Mission Statement

The Department of Physics & Applied Physics engages bachelor's, master’s, and doctoral  students in state-of-the-art research and academic curriculum in preparation for professional careers in science.


The University of Massachusetts Lowell physics program is designed to introduce the student to both fundamental and applied aspects of physics leading to a wide range of career options after graduation. Some of our graduates seek employment after receiving the Baccalaureate degree, while others continue on to graduate study aiming for a research career. The employer for a present-day physics graduate may be an educational institution, a small business, an industrial firm, a government laboratory or a non-profit research center.

Physics majors at the University of Massachusetts Lowell have the opportunity to become involved and discover first-hand what scientific research is all about. Research projects can be undertaken both during the regular academic year, as well as during the summer months and other semester breaks. In most cases, the student earns a stipend during the process, and benefit from working with physics faculty who are regularly engaged in a variety of research programs in subatomic physics, astrophysics, nanoscience, photonics, terahertz technology, radiological and medical physics.

Upon entering the program, incoming students are assigned a faculty advisor, who guides the student throughout his or her undergraduate career at the University. The advisor is available at any time to discuss the academic concerns of the student, and helps the student plan a program of study. Available programs of study include the B.S. in Physics (General, Radiological Health Physics and Astronomy/Astrophysics options) and B.S. in Engineering Physics (Mechanical Engineering and Electrical/Computer Engineering options.)

For additional information, visit the Department of Physics & Applied Physics website.