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Chemistry Department

Mission Statement

The missions of the programs of study offered by the Chemistry Department are multi-focused. At the undergraduate level, the department seeks to train well-prepared chemists to enter the work force or nationally recognized graduate programs. In addition, undergraduate courses serve as “service courses” for students majoring in biology, physics, and engineering. The undergraduate chemistry program is an American Chemical Society (ACS) accredited curriculum, and as such, undergoes periodic review by the ACS. This ensures that the program meets the national needs and trends in chemical education and remains up to date in presenting topics of relevance and interest to those seeking careers as chemists.


Undergraduate offerings of the Chemistry Department solidly prepare students for continuing work in chemistry, as well as provide students a general background in the understanding of the natures of materials, both natural and man made that are common to the modern world. The Chemistry Department offers a traditional Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Forensic Science and Biochemistry options.

Career opportunities in chemistry are many and varied, including, for example, applied and basic research, quality control, product analysis, manufacturing, and marketing. The B.S. degree in Chemistry is both a professional and a pre-graduate school degree. Completion of the chemistry curriculum provides preparation for all areas of the chemical profession, as well as for graduate study in chemistry, dentistry, medicine, patent law, and teaching. Students completing the B.S. requirements graduate with a degree certified as being in a program approved by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society.

For additional information, visit the Department of Chemistry website.