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Diversity & Cultural Awareness

Diversity and Cultural Awareness (DCA)

Be a thoughtful, aware citizen of the global community.

DCA Syllabus Statement

This course meets the Core Curriculum Diversity and Cultural Awareness Essential Learning Outcome; it provides students the opportunity to develop a set of cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills and characteristics that support effective and appropriate interaction in various contexts involving diverse cultural and social groups.

Expectations for Student Learning

Courses approved for the Diversity and Cultural Awareness ELO ask students to engage in activities or complete assignments that build competence in this area. They require students to demonstrate knowledge of and/or skill in at least two of the following areas:

  • Recognizing the commonality and diversity among people and cultures across the globe.
  • Identifying and analyzing one’s own cultural norms and values in relation to those of other cultures and diverse social groups.
  • Identifying and analyzing indicators of discrimination; demonstrating how discriminatory practices and attitudes can create barriers for some and opportunities for others.
  • Articulating answers to complex questions about other cultures and diverse groups, reflecting an awareness of diverse cultural and social group perspectives.

Sample Activities or Assignments

  • Apply theories of diversity to a film or book.  Reflect on what this tells us about and barriers to opportunities. [Criteria 3, 4]
  • Maintain a “Disabilities Awareness Journal.”  Consider how cultural norms influence your perspectives and whether peoples with disabilities should be considered a unique cultural group. [Criteria 1, 2, 3]
  • Participate in a cultural event or spend a period of time in a setting which is culturally distinct from your own identity.  Write about its impact on you by reflecting on your own preconceptions and insights gained. [Criteria 2, 4]
  • Design a sensitivity training for someone serving a multicultural or diverse clientele. [Criteria 1, 2, 3]
  • Analyze a system (e.g., educational, health care, economic) in terms of access and barriers to diverse groups. [Criterion 4]
  • In a course that includes a study abroad experience, complete a reflective essay or journal demonstrating the development of your cultural awareness. [Criteria 1, 2]

Each of these sample assignments can be tailored to meet any one or combination of the four competencies.

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