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Spanish for the Professions Minor

Spanish for the Professions Minor

The Spanish for the Professions minor trains students to successfully meet market demands relevant to their area of specialization and to gain a competitive professional edge upon graduation. This minor helps students develop the advanced communication skills, cultural knowledge, and global perspectives and understanding that are needed to use the target language in a business environment, in a K-12 education setting, in health care or in law enforcement. The Spanish for the Professions minor helps students thrive in a local, national, and global economy. Even more, it will increase students’ opportunities to participate in international internships that require an advanced command of the Spanish language. Courses in the Spanish for the Professions minor will focus on grammar and sociolinguistic skills required in professional contexts, as well as relevant vocabulary to different professional areas.

The minor in Spanish for the Professions consists of 18 credits.

Required Courses (15 credits)

1Students who place out of the language courses (Spanish 3-4), may need to take additional elective upper-level courses to fulfill the minimum number of credits required for the minor.

Electives (3 credits)

Choose from the following:

For more information, contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures.