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French Minor

French Minor

The French minor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures encourages students to work toward proficiency in the French language, and to learn about the culture, history, literature, cinema, and linguistic variation of the vast French-speaking world. The French minor focuses on practical, culture-based proficiency in the use of French and consists of a minimum of 18 credits (max. 24) of required and approved elective courses with the WLFR prefix. At least two courses must be at the 3000 level or above.

Required Courses

Note: Students who placed out of any of the elementary and intermediate language courses (French 1-4) will need to take more elective courses (labeled WLFR.3/4xxx and taught in French) in order to complete the necessary number of credits required for the minor. Please note that World Ready courses for the French track are not part of this minor (even if labeled WLFR). See course description in university catalog for details.

For more information, contact the Department of World Languages and Cultures.