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Art & Design Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree will:

  • Be informed and intelligent citizens, and as such be valuable members of society committed to making a difference as influential cultural producers, leaders, and trend-setters
  • Acquire fluency in the major discourses informing their concentrations in Studio Art and/or Graphic Design
  • Exhibit literacy in the history of art and visual communication
  • Be exposed to current trends in art and design
  • Be ready for careers in the creative industry as studio artists, photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, interactive-media practitioners, animators, gallery administrators, art critics and/or researchers.
  • Be qualified to enter graduate study in art, design, visual studies, and/or art education
  • Be able to integrate multiple disciplines and media for their creative projects in both personal work and professional pursuits
  • Demonstrate preparedness to navigate waves of cultural production and adjust to changing modes of visual expression in both art and graphic design fields
  • Not only excel in the area of concentration within their degree, but also in their ability to continually embrace, innovate and advance the ever-changing developments in art and design production and research.