Education Minor

The Education Minor is designed for students who are considering a career as an elementary or middle/secondary classroom teacher, or for those students that have a general interest in education.  A fast track to teaching option is also available; contact Ravin Subreenduth at the beginning of your senior year.

Contact: Ravin Subreenduth, M.A., M.Ed. 
Room: 533 O’Leary Library
Phone: 978-934-4644 

  • The Education minor consists of 18 credits.
  • All course pre-requisites must be satisfied.
  • Freshmen are not eligible to declare the minor.
  • Students will be required to complete a CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) background check in order to visit or work in classrooms.

Education Minor Courses (18 credits)

  • MATH.1070 Elementary Math for Teaching: Numbers and Operations1
  • MATH.2270 Elementary Math for Teaching: Geometry1
  • EDUC.2050 Connecting Local and Global Issues in Education
  • EDUC.3710 Educational Psychology
  • EDUC.3730 Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • EDUC.3840 Language, Literacy and Culture
  • EDUC.3910 Understanding Education
  • EDUC.4050 Children with Disabilities in the Classroom2
  • EDUC.4010 Exploring Teaching
  • PSYC.2600 Child and Adolescent Development
  • xxxx.xxxx Elective with approval of advisor

1May be taken with permission of the instructor for those who are intending to become elementary (grades 1-6) teachers. 
2Appropriate for Elementary Ed.

Graduate courses which may be used in the minor 

If you intend to teach, graduate level education courses may be taken to replace undergraduate courses in the minor. This may only occur during the final year of your undergraduate degree. Students should either seek admission to the M.Ed. Fast Track to Teaching program, or have permission of the graduate coordinator, Patricia Fontaine,  as well as gaining the approval of their academic advisor.

Please Note: The M.Ed. Elementary Education program plans to suspend admissions after summer 2017. Please ensure that we receive your application by April 15, 2017 and are able to begin the program in summer (trimester) 2017 and complete it in 2 years.

There will be no change to the M.Ed. English, History, Sciences or Mathematics.

Contact: Patricia Fontaine, Ed.D.
Room: 510 O’Leary Library
Phone: 978-934-4622

  • EDUC.5040 Methods of Teaching Students with Moderate Disabilities1
  • EDUC.5630 Elementary Science Methods2
  • EDUC.5530 Language Arts and Children’s Literature2
  • EDUC.5020 Adolescent Development and Learning3
  • EDUC.5010 Teaching Diverse Populations3

1Required for Elementary Ed. Fast Track only
2Required for Elementary Ed. only
3Required for Middle/Secondary Ed. only