A Consortium Agreement is an agreement between UMass Lowell (Home Institution) and another Title IV eligible accredited higher education institution known as the Host Institution, to take courses and recognize your enrollment towards completing degree-seeking or eligible certificate program.

Per federal regulations a student may be eligible to receive federal financial aid from one school which is your home school. Your eligibility for this request will be determined based on your current financial aid award and the operations of UMass Lowell.

You will need to complete a Consortium Agreement (PDF) and Authorization For Off-Campus Courses Form (PDF) available online or at The Solution Center.

Review the Consortium frequently asked questions (FAQ) for answers to many of your questions on consortium agreements.

Submit all Consortium Agreements and supporting documentation to:

The Solution Center
University Crossing
220 Pawtucket St., Suite 131
Lowell, MA 01854-5141

Study Abroad

UMass Lowell offers outstanding study-abroad programs. These study-abroad programs are available to students and most types financial aid can be used to help pay the costs.

Students interested in using financial aid to help cover study-abroad program costs must be enrolled in at least six credits during their study-abroad semester. Students must have FAFSA on file, and must be meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students receiving financial aid while studying abroad will have their financial aid adjusted in accordance with the cost of the study-abroad program and University policy. Additional loans may be available to help you supplement your financial aid package in order to take advantage of study-abroad opportunities.

If you have already met with the study-abroad office and have decided on a couple of programs of interest and would like your financial aid eligibility reviewed against the costs of the program please request a Zoom meeting with a financial aid advisor. If you are unable to meet remotely, please contact The Solution Center for a phone or in-person meeting.

For more information regarding study-abroad and the programs offered, please visit the Office of Study Abroad and International Experiences.

Forms you must submit: