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Outstanding Balances

Registered Students

Students with an outstanding balance who are currently registered may be subject to a late fee and a financial hold. A late fee may be assessed to your student account if you have an outstanding balance, are registered and you fail to submit adequate payment or have obtained approved financial aid by the scheduled due date. In addition, a hold may be applied to your account if sufficient payment has not been made and/or financial aid has not been obtained and approved by the scheduled due date. 

Having a financial hold on your account will prevent the following:

  • Registering for a subsequent semester
  • Receiving official transcripts
  • Receiving a diploma

Failure to attend class does not constitute a withdrawal and does not excuse a student from his/her financial obligation.

Students receiving company reimbursement must prepay their own tuition. The university does not honor company reimbursement contingent upon grades.

Non-Registered Students

Students who wish to return to UMass Lowell must pay their prior balance in full before they will be allowed to register for an upcoming semester.

The student is responsible for making payments even if a paper bill is not received. A paper bill will be sent only to students who are not registered but have an outstanding balance with UMass Lowell.

The student is responsible for updating address information with UMass Lowell, either through the SiS system or by submitting a Student Information Change Form to The Solution Center.

Balances unpaid for three months after the end of the semester, for which they are due, will be mailed a pre-collection letter. At that time, the student will have the opportunity to enter into a formal repayment contract. This contract needs to be signed by the student and is active only after the first payment is made.

Failure to respond to the pre-collection letter will result in the account being sent to a collection agency authorized under the Commonwealth's Master Service Agreement. The student will be held liable for all associated collection fees, which may be substantial.

Students who have disregarded the attempts made by UMass Lowell to collect the debt as described above may be reported to the State of Massachusetts Intercept Program.  

Please visit the Massachusetts Department of Revenue-Refund Intercepts for more information.

Past Due Accounts Contact Information

Phone: 978-934-6730


A tuition credit waiver form is required for each academic semester attended and must be submitted prior to or during the semester to which the tuition credit will be applied. Retroactive tuition credit waivers will not be honored.

Transcript Release

UMass Lowell does not provide official transcripts or diplomas to anyone with an outstanding financial obligation. All outstanding balances, including students anticipating to further their education, must be paid in full before graduation. Any student who has passed a non-negotiable check prior to graduation exercises will be required to pay his/her outstanding balance with a money order, bank check or validated credit card.


UMass Lowell is authorized to use the services of collection agencies. Any student with a prior semester balance not enrolled for the current semester may be referred to a collection agency. The student will be held liable for all associated collection fees, which may be substantial.