Student Information Change

You can update some information using your SiS Self-Service account such as chosen name, address, telephone number and personal email address. Below are links directly to SiS.

Change of Address

Students are able to update permanent, mailing and degree addresses within your SiS Self-Service student account.

Note: International Students cannot update their permanent address.

Change of Name

To change your primary legal name, you must submit Student Information Change form. You will be required to provide either a government issued photo ID (license, passport, etc.) or official court documentation (court order, marriage certificate, etc.) reflecting the changed name.

  • Update Name (Preferred & Degree Type only) in SiS
  • Add Name (Preferred & Degree Type only) in SiS

Phone Numbers

E-Mail Address

Emergency Contact Information

dataPersonal Data Summary (in SiS)

  • View UMass ID
  • View Gender
  • View Date of Birth
  • View Birth State
  • View Marital Status
  • View Military Status
  • View Citizenship Information
  • View Last 4 digits of SSN (first 5 are masked)
  • View Visa or Permit Data