Can I bring my electric scooter/bike on the buses?

No. The batteries in these scooters are a fire hazard and are banned aboard passenger buses by federal regulation. Motorized wheelchairs and mobility scooters are allowed.

Can I wave down a bus anywhere?

No, our buses can only stop and load/unload at designated stops on campus.

Are guests allowed on the shuttle?

Yes, each student is allowed to have up to two (2) guests accompany them on our shuttles. When applicable, the host student must scan their ID and inform the driver that they have guests with them. The host student is responsible for the behavior and conduct of their guests.

How can I get real-time service updates?

We post real-time service updates in our Live Transit app. See updates on delays, service changes and other important information.

How can I track the shuttles?

Use our shuttle tracker, Live Transit! It can be viewed in a browser as well as saved to your home screen and used as an app.

How do I use an On-Call stop like Downtown or the Train Station?

If you want to go to an on-call stop, you can simply ask the driver to take you there when you step onto the bus. If you are at an on-call stop and would like to be picked up, you may call our office at 978-934-2222 or visit our request app. On-call stops are only available during designated times, and for designated lines. Visit Day Service or Night & Weekend Service to see available on-call stops.

How much time should I allow to get to class?

We recommend you arrive at the bus stop at least 30 minutes before your class. This is inclusive of wait time, travel time and time to walk to class from the bus stop.

I have a question about Parking.

Please visit the UCAPS webpage for questions pertaining to parking, UCards and access.

I was running toward the bus as it was pulling away, why didn’t the driver stop for me?

Once our doors close, we cannot stop again to pick up more passengers. This is primarily a safety issue, as loading in undesignated areas can be dangerous. Upon the buses’ departure, drivers change focus from passenger boarding to the safe operation of their vehicle.

What sustainable transportation options do I have other than the shuttles?

The Office of Sustainability has a great list of sustainable practices including transportation options.

Which LRTA routes go to campus?

The LRTA bus system provides service at each of the UMass Lowell campuses by routes 6/9 (East and South Campus) as well as route 7 (North Campus and UCrossing). They also provide service to numerous other locations throughout the greater Lowell area, including Burlington Mall (Route 14), Drum Hill Shopping Plaza (Route 5), Stadium Plaza Shopping Center (Route 12), Brunswick Zone Bowling (Route 7) and Showcase Cinemas Lowell (Route 16).

Why can I stand on some shuttles, but not all of them?

Our fleet is made up of two different kinds of shuttles. Our smallest ones don’t require a special license to operate and can be driven with a regular class D license. These shuttles are restricted by law to only 14 passengers, and no standing. Our bigger shuttles require a CDL or Commercial Driver’s License to operate, which allows more than 14 passengers and standees.

Why can’t the bus wait for me while I come down the elevator/stairs?

It is expected that passengers are outside and at the bus stop in order to ride. Shuttles are not able to extend wait times as it is a disruption to the targeted frequency of the shuttle system as well as an inconvenience to students already on the shuttle.

Why isn’t there a published schedule for the shuttles?

Our system is designed to function much like a rapid transit system, where you can show up to a stop and expect a bus to arrive within about 15 minutes. There aren’t designated departure times, but rather a targeted frequency. Unlike a traditional rapid transit system, such as a subway, our vehicles are subject to delays outside of our control, for example traffic conditions.