Transportation Options

UMass Lowell is committed to helping students and employees commute to and between university campuses in ways which are environmentally friendly, healthy, and economical, by providing programs, services, events, and education about walking, bicycling, carpooling, and public transit. More information on Parking Services available on the UCard, Access and Parking Services (UCAPS) website.

Reasons to Commute Sustainably

  • The Environment - Commuting is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions by the UMass Lowell community, and you can do something about it.
  • Your Physical Health - Why spend hours each week stuck in traffic when you could be getting in a workout at the same time as you walk or ride a bicycle? Walking or riding a bicycle improves many aspects of your physical health like boosting your cardiovascular fitness, strengthening your bones, reducing excess body fat, and boosting your muscle power and endurance.
  • Your Mental Health – Studies have shown that those with long commutes to work or school and sitting in traffic increases the risk of developing or exacerbating depression and anxiety, weight gain, and sleeplessness. Conversely, studies have shown that replacing this commute with walking or bicycling increases alertness, energy, self-esteem, reduces stress and anxiety, and creates a positive mood.
  • Your Wallet - Owning and operating a car is expensive, and it's not just gas. Insurance, car payments, maintenance, cleaning, and shoveling it out in the winter are all a hassle. Why not leave it at home and give another mode a try?
  • Reliable and Hassle Free – Free rides on the LRTA, MVRTA, and the UML Shuttles, heavily discounted or free services and products at the UML Bike Shop, discounted parking rates for carpools, and proximity to the Commuter Rail, allows for inexpensive, reliable, sustainable, and fast transportation, in and around Lowell.