Transportation Options

More information on Parking Services available on the UCAPS webpage

UMass Lowell is committed to helping students and employees commute to and between university campuses in ways which are environmentally friendly, healthy, and economical through providing programs, services, events, and education about walking, bicycling, carpooling, and public transit. Get started by downloading a Bicycling and Walking Map (pdf)!

Reasons to Commute Sustainably

  • The Environment - Commuting is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions by the UMass Lowell community, and you can do something about it. Get involved and learn more at the Climate Change Initiative homepage.
  • Your Health - Why spend hours each week stuck in traffic when you could be getting in a workout at the same time as you walk or ride a bicycle?
  • Your Pocketbook - Owning and operating a car is expensive, and it's not just gas. Insurance, car payments, maintenance, cleaning, and shoveling it out in the winter are all a hassle. Why not leave it at home and give another mode a try?
  • Reliable and Hassle Free - Take a few moments to review our sustainable transportation web pages and learn just how easy it is to commute to campus, travel between campuses, and explore Lowell without a car.

More Information

Visit the links to the left for more information. If you require further assistance with any sustainable transportation matter, please visit or call 978-934-1866 (dial extension 4-1866 on campus). "Like" the Transportation Services Facebook page to keep up with the latest programs and events.