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What to Bring


The following items will be useful to you as you move into your residence hall:

  • Tarp(s) - These will be useful in the rain to unload belongings into the dorm and to protect them during drop off.
  • Compact Hand truck - This will be helpful to transport boxes from the vehicle to the building. We do not supply moving carts, bins, or dollies.
  • One additional helper: We are allowing 1 additional person to assist you with your move in process. After you have checked in, you and your helper will move your belongings to your room.

Items to Bring to Campus/Leave at Home

Personal Items

  • Clothing/hangers
  • Small Fan
  • Toiletries/container to carry toiletries to shower/sewing kit
  • High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent
  • Backpack/Carrying bags/fold-up boxes/Laundry bag
  • School supplies
  • Flashlight/umbrella/raincoat
  • Waste paper basket/recycling bin
  • Dishware
  • Iron/ironing board
  • Personal electronics, games, entertainment
  • Hobby supplies
  • Environmentally safe cleaning supplies and air fresheners
  • Energy efficient beauty equipment (ie: hair dryer, flat iron etc)
  • Identification needed to secure campus or local employment
  • Cloth Face Coverings (at least two) / paper bag(s)
  • Thermometer for personal use
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and or Ibuprofen: fever reducer 
  • Robitussin or Guaifenesin (cough medicine)
  • Throat lozenges/cough drops
  • Kleenex
  • Hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol content)
  • Insurance card
  • Name of phone number of primary care health care provider
  • List of allergies
  • Prescription medication(s): at least a 3 week supply of each medication
  • Antibacterial bar or pump soap and paper towels
  • Cleaning supplies (Lysol/Clorox type wipes)

Bedroom Items

  • Blankets/bedspread/bed pillow/towels/washcloths/sheets (to fit 80" twin XL mattress)
  • Living in the Inn and Conference Center? Bring Queen Size bedding instead of twin XL
  • Wall decorations (we recommend using small pushpins as they cause less damage to walls than adhesives)
  • Small carpet or floor rug
  • Energy Star rated Refrigerator (up to 4.4 cubic foot fridge per 2 residents)
  • Energy Star rated microwave or micro-fridge, 1100 Watt maximum
  • Energy Star rated light bulbs, lights and lamps with only one bulb
  • Power strips with automatic shut off and surge protection (look for Energy Star rated strips)

Suite & Apartment Items

  • Coffee maker with an automatic shut off
  • Toilet Paper, some locations do not provide this
  • Depending on location, your apartment or suite may already have a refrigerator and microwave – no need to bring one if you live in Riverview Suites, University Suites, River Hawk Village or 725 Merrimack St. Community kitchens with full size refrigerators and microwaves are also located in Bourgeois Hall & Leitch Hall (first floor) and throughout Fox Hall (various floors)

What to Leave at Home

  • Cooking appliances such as a hot plate, griddle, toaster (unless in apartments), deep fryer or any other appliance with an open coil or exposed hot surface such as George Forman Grills
  • Pets other than fish in a ten gallon tank (or smaller). Dimension: 20 length x 10 width x 12 height
  • Candles (even if unlit), incense and/ or incense burners are not permitted
  • Space Heaters
  • Air conditioners (except with medical permission documented and approved by the Office of Residence Life)
  • Excessively loud speakers and amplifiers
  • Personal Furniture - Sofas, mattresses (unless approved for medical reasons and documented and approved by the Office of Residence Life), desks, wardrobes, upholstered furniture, etc.
  • Drug paraphernalia of any sort, EVEN if it is considered decorative
  • Cinder Blocks
  • Decorative bottles or other alcohol paraphernalia in resident’s room under 21 years old (such as bottle caps or six pack cardboard boxes)
  • Weapons/firearms/knives
  • Recreational: Dart Boards, Hover boards, nerf/guns, and slingshots.
  • Large scale and potentially dangerous sporting equipment (track and field equipment or paintball guns, etc.) Arrangements should be made for storage off campus. Please contact Athletics, your coach, or the Office of Recreation Services/Club Sports Coordinator for assistance
  • Halogen lamps & Octopus lamps
  • Wired/Wireless routers, WiFi hot spots, switches/hubs, and other networking equipment
  • Using and/or possessing shisha, hookah, or similar pipes in the residence halls, these pipes involve the burning of smoldering ashes, which present a fire hazard.
  • Items hanging from the ceiling
  • Vaping device usage is prohibited inside the residence hall
  • Holiday light strings should not go across ceiling or above doorways or windows (against the wall is acceptable)
  • Tapestries or any material used as a canopy or wall decoration- cannot cover more than 25% of wall space
  • Lava lamps
  • Hover boards, self-balancing scooters, battery-operated scooters and hands-free Segways are banned on all University properties.
  • Gas, electric, and charcoal grills
  • Fireworks or explosives
  • Gasoline and other flammable liquids
  • Gas-Powered equipment
  • Highly combustible materials
  • Lighted smoking materials
  • Noxious chemicals
  • Smoke/fog machines