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What to Bring


The following items will be useful to you as you move into your residence hall:

  • Tarp(s) - These will be useful in the rain to unload belongings into the dorm and to protect them during drop off.
  • Hand truck - This will be helpful to transport boxes from the vehicle to the building.
  • A Move-in Team - Three people: 1 driver, 1 helper and you.
    • Once you have unloaded your belongings, your driver will drive to the designated parking area, while you check in and your helper stays with your belongings.
    • After you have checked in, you, your helper and the driver will move your belongings to your room.
    • If you need assistance moving in there will be student and staff volunteers available to help.

Additionally, you may find commonly brought items, as well as what not to bring, on our frequently asked questions page.