Do you find yourself extra passionate about getting a 4.0 but also wanting a community of friends to support and succeed alongside you? The Honors LLC is a great way to live in a residence hall alongside other students that strive for perfection in their academics. Study with fellow Honors students and participate in community building programs that work to help you balance academics and social life.

The Honors LLC also has a dedicated faculty/staff member that is paired to provide further mentorship beyond the classroom, run programs and day trips dedicated to career development, as well as make transitioning to college life more comfortable. Some examples of Honors LLC programs could be social programs for a chance to meet new people, networking to learn about time management, as well as sharing campus resources to support academic success. Programs can be adapted to meet students’ majors and interests.

The Commonwealth Honors Living Learning Community, or Honors LLC, is designated for students who have been accepted into the Honors College Program. Students in the Commonwealth Honors LLC are empowered to build a strong community around learning, academic growth, and their identity as Honors students. 

How To Sign Up

Applying to a Living Learning Community is free and easy:

  1. Visit the Online Housing Portal and click on the housing application form.
  2. Select the Living Learning Community you wish to apply for and answer a few short answer questions on the "Living Learning Community Selection" page of the housing application.
  3. Invitations to participate in the LLC will be extended via email to applicants based on application answers and availability.
  4. Select your room in the Living Learning Community during room selection.