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Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors foster community, create connections, and help residents learn, change, and grow.

Residence Life is committed to hiring a diverse staff reflective of people from different backgrounds and experiences. We are looking for candidates that care about people and that want to have a positive impact on the campus community.

How to Apply

Excited to apply for this amazing leadership opportunity? Applications are available October 4, 2019 and are due by December 14, 2019. Applications can be accessed on the online housing portal. In order to successfully apply, we’ll need you to complete the entire application, including a short answer essay response question. If you have any questions during the application process, please feel free to email Marshall Greenleaf at:

Application Review

After completing your application in December, the Residence Life Staff Selection Committee will review all applications and score your short answer response essay question. Essays are scored on the following criteria:

  • Use of examples from your life and experience
  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Did your essay answer the question

Candidates falling within the top of the essay scoring range will then be offered a spot in the Residence Life Selection Workshop.

Selection Workshop

The RA Selection Workshop is a four session leadership workshop experience that meets once a week over the course of the month of February. Candidates offered a spot in the Selection Workshop will be able to choose a Workshop time slot, and will meet each week during the same time, day, and location. Please note that missing a workshop session will negatively impact your eligibility in the hiring process.

Workshop topics include personal leadership, group communication, community, and diversity and inclusion. Your workshop will be facilitated and evaluated by a member of the Residence Life professional staff. RA candidates are hired based on their performance in the selection workshop.

As residential students Senior Resident Advisors and Resident Advisors are required to submit a housing contract to reside on campus. All student staff members are bound by the Terms of Agreement within the contract and are responsible for following all guidelines, policies, dates, and expectations contained in the housing contract. Resignation or removal from employment does not constitute a release from the housing contract, and student staff members wishing for an exemption must submit an appeal.

RA Orientation & Training

If you are hired as an RA you are required to attend RA Staff Training starting on August 17, 2020.