You have a passion for traveling the world, learning or working in international affairs. Now you can highlight your global experiences in and beyond the classroom.

Global Engagement Distinction Requirements:

  1. Sign up and select the Global Engagement Distinction in the RHED portal
  2. Complete 2 approved courses within the Global Engagement Distinction
  3. Complete 2 pre-approved experiences within the Global Engagement Distinction
  4. One of the two courses OR two experiences must be completed internationally ( outside the U.S.)
  5. Complete guided reflections for courses / experiences and submit supporting artifacts for each course
    • Reflection: An academic reflection is a short essay for assessment in an academic, experiential learning and skill development context. Guided questions/ prompts provided.
    • Learning Artifact: A learning artifact is something that you created in response to a course assignment. It may be an essay, slideshow, website, poster, brochure, or something else.

Approved Global Engagement courses
Pre-approved Global Engagement experiences
RHED Global Engagement Rubric

Option: Students may propose a custom-designed experience or request a course approval by contract.

  • Submitted by student to reflect their individual experiences
  • Must meet at least half of the Distinction's learning outcomes
  • All submissions must be made prior to starting the experience or course
  • Individual request approval is managed by the RHED committee members

Upon graduation, the Distinction is added to student's transcript, they receive a certificate, and are awarded a RED braided cord to wear at graduation.

RHED Portal & Sign-up