The River Hawk Experience Distinction (RHED) adds value by highlighting your experience focus on your transcript.  RHED allows students to pick one of four tracks as a focus skill that will be added to students' transcripts once all program requirements are met. The four tracks:  Leadership (Fall 2018) Entrepreneurship (Spring 2018) Global Engagement (Fall 2018) Community Engagement (Fall 2018)

The River Hawk Experience Distinction (RHED) offers students the opportunity to earn recognition for experiential learning activities where academic and  “real-world” experiences are brought together. Upon graduation, students successfully earning a River Hawk Experience Distinction will receive a special notation on their official transcript and a certificate of recognition.

RHED provides an opportunity to showcase our core values and benefit students in the following ways:

  • Integrate classroom learning with “real world” activities
  • Allows students to be more deliberative and reflective about their engagement with these experiences
  • Allows students to gain resume and career experiences that are reflected on their transcript

Requirements for completion (currently available to undergraduate students only):

  • Two approved academic courses
  • Two approved applied (extra- or co-curricular) experiences
  • Submit a Reflection

With the completion of each of the above, students are required to submit the completion through the RHED Portal and submit a one page or less reflection response. The RHED Portal will notify students when a submission is approved. Each students may only receive one distinction from the list below.