River Hawk Experience Distinction Course Designation Rubric: Global Engagement

The dimensions identified below are qualities that we hope to encourage in RHED Global Engagement students. Please evaluate the extent to which your course/course assignments give students the opportunity to demonstrate each ability or mindset as described. Please note that these outcome descriptions are aspirational; students may be called on to achieve some measure short of total mastery in any category, depending on the course aims and level. Download the full Global Engagement Rubric (xlsx).

Global Engagement Dimensions:Accomplished 
Understanding a Global EnvironmentStudent demonstrates knowledge of current and historical contexts or a comparative view of their academic field to define global problems; student articulates unrefined solutions.
Applying Knowledge to Global ContextsStudent applies knowledge and skills to design and/or implement unrefined solutions that address global problems either locally or abroad.
Global Identity and InclusionIn addressing issues, student articulates their identity in a global context, with an awareness of how their own background forms their frame of reference; student demonstrates comprehension that multiple world views minimize the effects of ethnocentricity.
Personal Responsibility in a Global ContextStudent presents responses to challenges in global systems with an awareness of the impact of privilege and oppression; analyzes the local and broader consequences of interventions; acknowledges specific cultures of communities and organizations in pursuing goals.