Across-the-Board Academic Engagement

Whatever your major at UMass Lowell, you'll be exposed to the concept of sustainability through our core curriculum and the myriad of experiential learning opportunities available at the university and with our many industry and community partners.

Through UMass Lowell’s robust Core Curriculum requirements all of UMass Lowell’s undergraduate students graduate from the institution with required sustainability learning outcomes (see UMass Lowell's STARS report for more detail).

Through the Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) students practice seven key intellectual skills- the Core ELOs - in ways that are tailored and relevant for their major. These ELOs provide students with the knowledge and skills that address the interdependence of ecological systems and social/economic systems. Undergraduate students explore the interdependence through required courses that debate how the ecological and social/economic systems interact and in individually-tailored, sustainability-focused experiential opportunities.

We have major options at the undergraduate and graduate level that will give you a unique, interdisciplinary, hands-on approach to sustainability.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Liberal Arts
Bachelor of Science

Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificates
Master of Science
Research Traineeship