One of the most important principles of sustainability is to reduce waste.

Waste Minimization

UMass Lowell has well-developed Recycling & Waste Diversion programs in place. As these programs continue to evolve, they reduce solid waste and increase recycling efforts across all corners of campus.

Specialized Recycling Requests

For most of you the majority of your on-campus recycling needs will be covered through our our single-stream recycling program utilizing our blue and black containers spread around campus. Learn more about the Zero-Sort Program.

However, our campus generates a lot of specialty waste items that need to be handled differently. To better understand this, think about your home, you likely generate some waste or materials that you know you cannot throw into you trash or recycling like, batteries, paint, fluorescent lights, old electronics and even sensitive documents that you don't want to toss in your bin without shredding first. At the university, we generate the same waste except on a much larger scale across all of campus.

UMass Lowell uses a self-service request system called CAMIS to process and review specialized recycling work orders in a timely and efficient manner. You can submit requests specifically for Sustainability & Environmental Management services including:

  • Pickup/disposal of electronics, furniture, toner and ink cartridges, light bulbs, computer accessories, small appliances, and other miscellaneous items
  • Recycle or Shred Bin Replacements
  • Other Environmental Health & Safety Requests

Please use this job-aid to assist you with submitting a sustainability service request.