Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

Under UMass Lowell’s Core Curriculum, students must have the opportunity to master each of seven Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs). These ELOs may be met within the major or through other courses, including courses that fulfill Breadth of Knowledge requirements. Consequently, all departments may identify courses within their majors that allow students to demonstrate particular ELOs, and submit these courses for ELO designation approval. Approved courses will be tagged in the catalog—in course listings and on Degree Pathways—and on Advisement Reports in SiS.

The seven ELOs are:

To find upcoming courses that meet any of these requirements, scroll to the bottom of the Course Finder to search Core Curriculum options.

ELO Policies

  • 1000-level courses may be designated with no more than 1 ELO; 2000- and 3000-level courses may be designated with no more than 2 ELOs; 4000-level courses may be designated with no more than 3 ELOs.
  • Interdisciplinary courses may receive ELO designations as well as a Breadth of Knowledge designation.
  • A single course may introduce, reinforce and assess an ELO. Alternatively, an ELO designation may be assigned to the most advanced course in a series of courses addressing a particular ELO.

Sample ELO Submission