There are several researchers here at UMass Lowell that are incorporating sustainability into the questions and problems that they are investigating. Read on or check out our AASHE STARS Reporting on Research and Scholarship to learn more!

Who Is Engaged With Sustainability-Focused Research On Campus?

  • 100 of the institution's faculty and staff researchers
  • 26.95% of the institution's faculty and staff researchers
  • 100% of research-producing departments
  • Climate Change Initiative
    Brings faculty, students, and communities together through academics, research, and events to address one of the greatest challenges facing humanity: climate change.
  • Energy Research
    For more than four decades, UMass Lowell has grown its energy education and research portfolio by creating a multitude of academic, state, federal, and industry strategic partnerships.
  • Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
    Develops practical solutions to environmental and health problems by challenging ourselves to think differently about how our society produces and consumes goods.
  • Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3)
    A business-to-business forum that works collaboratively to accelerate the application of green chemistry across industry sectors and supply chains.
  • Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI)
    Provides resources and tools to help businesses, municipalities, and communities in Massachusetts find safer alternatives to toxic chemicals.
  • Haiti Development Studies Center (HDSC)
    Engages science and engineering faculty and students in philanthropic research focused on solving life-threatening issues faced by citizens in impoverished countries.
  • Center for Population Health
    Center researchers work with our community partners to understand how much disease exists and the causes of these diseases. As we learn together, we support community leaders to design structures and programs to make long-lasting changes for better quality of life.
  • The Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW)
    Conducts research with working people and employers to overcome workplace obstacles to health. The Center also offers research-based program toolkits and education to help employers support a health-promoting workplace and a vital, productive workforce.
  • Center for Women & Work (CWW)
    A vibrant community of scholars who are dedicated to the Center’s mission to advance knowledge about the relationship between gender and work through research, enhance understanding of this relationship through education and training, and challenge inequalities, particularly through institutional change.
  • Center for Community Research and Engagement (CCRE)
    Over the past 30 years, the CCRE at UMass Lowell has developed expertise, approaches to building strength in communities and engagement in collaborative community problem-solving around pressing issues. Based on a shared vision and plan with community partners, the CCRE provides opportunities for scholars and students to learn and build knowledge, facilitate needed change, and take lessons learned to other communities.

Other Organizations

There are also several other on-campus groups and community organizations to engage with at UMass Lowell, check them out when you get the chance!