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Suggested Degree Pathway for Applied Biomedical Sciences - Clinical Science Option Fall 2019 - Spring 2020

Suggested Degree Pathway for Applied Biomedical Sciences - Clinical Science Option

For students who entered fall 2019 to spring 2020.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester

Course#Course NameCredits
HSCI.1010Anatomy & Physiology I (SCL)3
HSCI.1030Anatomy & Physiology Lab I (SCL)1
ENGL.1010 /
College Writing I / FYSH (CW)3
BMSC.1010Biomedical Sciences Freshman Seminar 
MATH.2830Intro. to Statistics (STEM)3
xxxx.xxxxSocial Sciences Persp. (SS)3

Spring Semester

Course#Course NameCredits
HSCI.1020Anatomy & Physiology II (SCL)3
HSCI.1040Anatomy & Physiology Lab II (SCL)1
SOCI.1010Intro to Sociology (SS), (DCA)3
ENGL.1020College Writing II (CW)3
MATH.1xxxPre-calculus / Calculus I (MATH)13/4
xxxx.xxxxArts and Hum. Persp. (AH)73

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

Course#Course NameCredits
HSCI.2110Basic Clinical Microbiology & Pathology3
HSCI.2130Basic Clinical Microbiology & Pathology Lab1
HSCI.2510Physiological Chemistry I23
HSCI.2530Physiological Chemistry Lab I21
General Physics I with Lab
xxxx.xxxxSocial Sciences Persp. (SS)73

Spring Semester

Course#Course NameCredits
HSCI.2520Physiological Chem. II23
HSCI.2540Physiological Chem. Lab II21
MLSC.2410Clinical Laboratory Theory3
MLSC.2430Clinical Laboratory Theory Lab1
BMSC.2420Organic Structures & Reactions I33
BMSC.2440Organic Structures & Reactions Lab I3
xxxx.xxxxFree Elective3

Junior Year

Fall Semester

Course#Course NameCredits
HSCI.3510Human Biochemistry3
PHRM.3200Molecular Pharmacology
MLSC.3310Clinical Immunology3
MLSC.3630Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation Lab (CTPS), (QL)2
NUTR.2060Human Nutrition3

Spring Semester

Course#Course NameCredits
HSCI.3400IPE Research Methods3
MLSC.3510Clinical Chemistry I3
MLSC.3530Clinical Chemistry I Lab2
PHRM.3100Intro to Medicinal Chemistry43
BMSC.3220Clinical Molecular & Cell Biology I2
BMSC.3240Clinical Molecular & Cell Biology Lab I2
BMSC.3700Biomedical Sciences Junior Seminar1

Senior Year

Fall Semester

Course#Course NameCredits
PHRM.4100Basic Pharmaceutics53
BMSC.4110OMICS: Essentials and Applications3
BMSC.4120Clinical Molecular & Cell Biology II2
BMSC.4140Clinical Molecular & Cell Biology Lab II2
MLSC.4830Senior Research I43
xxxx.xxxxArts and Hum. Persp. (AH)73

Spring Semester

Course#Course NameCredits
Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism5
NUTR.4650Laboratory Methods in Nutritional Analysis43
BMSC.4900Advanced Biomedical Laboratory Techniques63
HSCI.4350Medical and Clinical Genetics (AIL)3
xxxx.xxxxArts and Hum. Persp. (AH)73

Total Minimum Credits = 121 - 122

1Can be satisfied with MATH.1200, MATH.1210, MATH.1220, MATH.1310, or MATH.1380
2Can be substituted with General Chemistry I-II and labs OR Chemistry I-II and labs.
3ONLY for students of the Zuckerberg College of Sciences. Can be substituted with Organic Chemistry I-II and labs.
4Can be substituted with a 3-credit Free Elective.
5Can be substituted with MLSC.3110, MLSC.3210, MLSC.4110, or MLSC.4310).
6Can be substituted with Senior Research II (MLSC.4840).
7(AH) and (SS) electives may be taken in any order.

No more than two Breadth of Knowledge courses can be taken with the same prefix. The Core Curriculum courses may be taken in any sequence. Refer to the Core Curriculum policy for further details. You should meet with your faculty advisor to determine how you will meet the Core Curriculum requirements. 

Current UMass Lowell students should be using their Advisement Report in SiS. If you need assistance, please contact your adviser.

Restriction on off-campus study:

Be advised that any course taken at another institution must be formally approved prior to enrollment. See the catalog policy for details. 

Last Updated: 3/18/2020