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HSCI.2520 Physiological Chemistry II (Formerly 35.252)

Id: 004763 Credits Min: 3 Credits Max: 3


This course is designed to provide a foundation in basic biochemistry for students majoring in the Health Professions. Selected concepts in organic chemistry are integrated into this framework. Aspects of amino acid and protein structure are studied. The structure and function of enzymes, their effects on reaction energetics and dynamics and the diagnostic uses of enzyme assays in clinical medicine are covered. The plasma proteins, hemoglobin, and the structure and function of miscellaneous cellular proteins are reviewed. The chemistry of the nucleic acids, protein anabolism and catabolism are studied along with selected metabolic disturbances and genetic disease. The structure and chemical properties of the simple and complex carbohydrates and lipids their metabolic pathways and cycles, and selected pathologies are studied in detail. Diagnostic tests relating to carbohydrate and lipid abnormalities are included. The course concludes with a study of chemical communication mechanisms, which includes neurotransmitters, hormonal secretions, and immunoglobulins.


HSCI.2510 Physiological Chem I, or CHEM.1110 General Chem I, or CHEM.1210 Chem, or CHEM.1350 Honors Chem I, & Co-req: HSCI.2540 Physiological Chem Lab II, and Zuckerberg College of HS, or CLS Minor, or Pharmaceutical Sciences Minor.

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